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What I think about Rocket Spanish: Overall Rating: 4.4 stars

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Rocket Spanish Overview:

Rocket Spanish is one of the most accommodating fast track Spanish learning software available today. The Rocket Spanish software simplifies to process of breaking down a foreign language, allowing users to absorb grammatical concepts and vocabulary through a series of interactive audio sections, quizzes, vocabulary-building games and personalized vocabulary lists, as well as an internet-based learning lounge.

What You Get:

Over 12 hours of interactive Audio lessons.* 500 pages of supplementary resources, including grammar, vocabulary, common phrases, and 414 exercises.* MegaSpanish help-you-learn software(MegaVocab, MegaAudio and MegaVerbs).

Main Features:

Progress Tracking, iPod/MP3 compatible, Lifetime Access, Free Bonus.

Lesson For:

Reading / Writing, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Listening comprehension, Conversation Practice.

Teaching Tools:

Audio, Pictures, Games, Speech Recognition, Culture Lessons, Online Quizzes, User Guide

Operating Systems Supported:

Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8Mac OS X

Mobile Apps:

iOS app: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Android app.

Help & Support:

Phone SupportLive Chat SupportEmail / Contact Form User Manual FAQs Community Forum

Rocket Spanish Levels & Pricing:

Beginners, Rocket Spanish Premium: $99.95(Download); or $299.95 (20-CD Pack).

Intermediate, Rocket Spanish Premium Plus: $149.95 (Download); or $299.95 (20-CD Pack).

Advanced, Rocket Spanish Platinum: $149.95 (Download); or $299.95 (20-CD Pack).

Free Trial:

Rocket Spanish Free TrialYes. Rocket Spanish does offers you a 6-day free trial which may give you a sense for whether Rocket Spanish will work for you or not. And there is a trial limitation, your free trial only gives you online access to a selection of Rocket Spanish Premium interactive audio lessons and Spanish language and culture lessons. Try 6-day free trial here.

Where to Buy Rocket Spanish

Their official site, is the only place you can buy Rocket Spanish. It can be downloadable or shipped internationally, no matter where you are from.


Rocket Spanish Review:

Rocket Spanish


The class of student that will benefit from a session with Rocket Spanish if vast and varied – it doesn’t matter whether one is looking to sharpen vocabulary skills, learn the language to help further a career or become fluent before travelling abroad, these personalized lessons will help learners arrive at their desired goals without putting a strain on monetary resources.

Teaching Tools

Once a student has gained unlimited access to the Rocket Spanish program, he will have unleashed a world of interactive learning materials. Students will find three MegaSpanish games (which make use of MegaVocab, MegaAudio and MegaVerbs), 31 language and culture lessons and 32 interactive audio lessons at their fingertips. In order to facilitate the learning process, quizzes and tests are included after each section has been completed. Vocabulary lessons center around important conversational topics like food, city life and foreign countries. Through the interactive audio lessons, students will be able to perfect their accents and expand their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

Ease of Use

The ease and simplicity of Rocket Spanish extends beyond its teaching methods – the learning materials on the website are clearly defined, allowing users to take part in whatever exercises they feel ready to conquer. One of the greatest aspects of Rocket Spanish is that audio files may be downloaded, allowing users to access learning materials offline or to upload them to MP3 players.


Like all online Spanish programs, students will get out of Rocket Spanish what they put in. That is to say, if a student is focused on learning over the course of this eight-week Spanish program, that student will emerge with a firm grasp on the Spanish language. The Rocket Spanish course is as effective as a student cares to make it: with its basic examples of idioms and colloquial language, anyone should be able to emerge from the program with relative proficiency in Spanish. One of the most helpful things about Rocket Spanish in particular is that if a student finds himself stumped, he can reach out to one of the professional teachers Rocket makes available 24 hours a day.


Rocket Spanish isn’t perfect: users may miss the video presentations they can find on other online Spanish courses. However, the lack of videos in this Spanish course may be one of the reasons why it is so affordable in comparison to similar Spanish programs. Those who have already conquered beginner’s lingo may find themselves wanting to skip over the first few lessons, as they are meant to educate someone who has never come into contact with the Spanish language.

The Bottom Line

In spite of the drawbacks, Rocket Spanish has so many components to spark the interests of Spanish language learners that it is almost certainly worth a try. Students new to Spanish language can slowly develop a sense of it, and those students returning to Spanish will be able to polish up their act in no time.

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Overall Rating 
Reviewed by Mike    July 04, 2011

Rocket Spanish is highly effective. When you try to force yourself to learn it can be very stressful and overwhelming. When you can just turn on an audio lesson and listen to it while cleaning the house, driving the car or any other task, you will get a much better understanding of the lessons.

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Overall Rating 
Reviewed by Michell L F    July 02, 2011

While the course covers a great deal in conversations like greetings, ordering, touring and vacations with the family etc., there does not seem to be much for the business or working professional.

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